About Counselling

Counselling provides an opportunity to discuss things that can be difficult to talk about in daily life. Sometimes it can be upsetting and it can also be hard work. My aim is to help you to talk about and work through the issues that you have.  We work together in a confidential relationship to make sense of things that have happened to you, to identify changes that you would like to make and to support you as you put them into practice. When working with young people and children I aim to give them a safe and confidential place to think about the difficulties they are facing and if necessary come to terms with things that are often out of their control.  I use play therapy methods when working with very young children.

Areas that counselling can help with include: Anxiety and panic attacks, stress and burnout, depression, emotional difficulties, personal development, relationships and family matters, transition, loss and change and spiritual issues.

Clients have said that they have ‘felt supported’ as they have worked through difficulties and ‘found resolution for their issues’, that their ‘relationships have improved’ and that they have ‘become more self aware’, which has enabled them to ‘take control of their lives in a more productive way.’


Therapy takes place weekly and costs £ 40.00/45.00 an hour. (Session length can be negotiated, although it is never less than an hour except with children) Supervision costs £ 45.00 an hour (Telephone supervision or skype is available on occasion to suit your needs).